Pomme Manifatture Produzione Conto Terzi Borse in Pelle

About Us

Pomme Manifatture S.r.l., is a company boasting a long-term experience (1979), in the production on behalf of third parties (but also on consignment), for the major international brands, of women’s and men’s bags, travel items (trolley, duffle bags, garment bag and similars), and small leather, that operates with strong fidelity to the name of Made in Italy tradition (synonym of quality, style and elegance), with full ability to work leather and any other material.

Gucci, Fendi, Tod’s, Ferrari, Burberry, Diesel, Emilio Pucci, Kenzo, Ferretti Yachts, Balenciaga, Stella McCartney, Paco Rabanne; this is just a part of the major brands with which collaborates and continues to collaborate with excellent results.

The company’s core business is customer oriented (complete customer satisfaction).

Pomme has the International Certifications: ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System), and ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System), and is based on the full adoption of ethical principles (the human element is considered “central” in the business logic, and for this reason there are adequate structures and supports), and eco-sustainability (there is the total energy self-sufficiency, an ecological island is active, and full attention is paid to all aspects related).

The staff is made up of 61 employees, and the production ability is of over 60.000 items per years, designed to increase up to 80.000 items per years.

Pomme Manifatture Produzione Conto Terzi Borse da Donna in pelle

The Company

Pomme has an “Operative” Headquarter (built in 2018), that develops on 3,000 sqm. covered area and 8,000 sqm. uncovered area, in Sant’Egidio alla Vibrata, and a compliant “Logistic” Headquarter, of 1,300 squaremeters of covered area and 1,000 squaremeters of uncovered area, in Civitella del Tronto, both in the province of Teramo.

The company is located in a strategic road position, between A14 highway (Bologna – Taranto), and A24 highway (Roma – Pescara – Teramo), that intersects A1 highway (Milano – Reggio-Calabria).

In 2016, following a generational change, a redesign of the entire company system was marked, with the addition of an important organizational, strategic and management component, which involved the rationalisation of methodologies, giving to Pomme, a connotation of competence and professionalism.

The Pomme Manifatture S.r.l., has a Share Capital of 1.000.000,00 euros (paid in full), and entrust the corporate governance to a Board of Directors.

The implementation of the corporate processes is carried out through 5 Areas (Administration and Finance Area, Human Resources and General Affairs Area, Commercial and Marketing Area, Creation and Modelling Area, Production and Quality Area). Each Area is led by a Director.

Showroom Pomme Manifatture
Area Creazione e Modelleria - Pomme Manifatture

Our Proposal

Pomme’s “Vision” is: “Active and not passive, offering the value that exceeds the price”.

The “Mission” is: “Action aims at excellence, through the highest professionalism and total quality”.

The support that Pomme Manifatture can provide to its customers is a “Full Service”, as it is able to manage the entire product cycle.

And more precisely, from the genesis of the idea (through a feasibility study), to its implementation, through a Modelling Area of high professionalism, located on 350 sqm., consisting of 4 models and 1 prototypist, equipped with the entirety of the machinery that make it totally self-sufficient; able to satisfy any kind of needs.

To this, it follows the complete mass production of the final product, with a Production Area of 1,500 sqm., with 45 operating, which carries out internally the complete production cycle, having state-of-the-art equipment, plant and machinery of the latest generation, and a staff of great experience and skill.

To complete, there is a Logistics, of 1,300 sqm., (at total Customer disposal), with advanced warehouse management and drop shipping capabilities.

All this to mean that the Pomme is organized to satisfy any kind of need.