About us and our Distinctive Organization

Pomme Manifatture is a manufacturing company of women’s bags, men’s bags, travel items and small leather goods, on behalf of third parties for the major national and international brands, boasting over forty years’ experience (1979), in the sector and a workforce made up of 61 employees.

Following the Made in Italy tradition (excellence all over the world), synonym with mastery, quality, craftsmanship, style, elegance and originality, Pomme faithfully follows its dictates.

Our core business (the company’s objective) is customer oriented, that is the full satisfaction of our customers, in total respect of ethical and eco-sustainable principles.

For this reason, over the past years (since 2016), the company has set up a powerful development program (maximizing its know-how), based on a significant organizational, strategic and administrative management system.

For which, on the basis of these methods, Pomme Manifatture provides its Customers with a total support, because is able to manage and follow all the products processing phases: from the conception of the idea (thanks to its high-level Creation and Modelling Area) to the internal and total creation of the final product (the Production Area has technologically-advanced and state-of-the-art equipment, plant and machinery), with the valid and competent surrounding support apparatuses (Administration and Finance Area, Human Resources and General Affairs Area, Commercial and Marketing Area) highly efficient and effective, and finally the logistic operations (with a dedicated headquarter), satisfying any kind of Customers requirements.

New headquarters of architectural prestige has been built, with a covered area of 3,000 square meters, an uncovered area of 8,000 square meters, technically in the forefront. An additional headquarter with a high structural and technical has a covered area of 1,300 square meters and an uncovered area of 1,000 square meters, for use in logistics.

Pomme has adopted the following International Certifications: ISO 9001, related to the Quality Management Systems (QMS); ISO 14001, for the Environmental Management System (EMS); ISO 45001 about the Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S).

The most technologically advanced machinery, equipment and systems have been acquired, establishing the following 5 operational areas:

  • Administration and Finance Area;
  • Human Resources and General Affairs Area;
  • Commercial and Marketing Area
  • Creation and Modelling Area
  • Production and Quality Area


The Administration and Finance Area, guarantees the adequate compliance and the efficiency of all the administrative, monetary and financial aspects of the society.

The Human Resources and General Affairs Area, assures the qualitative and quantitative needs of the Human Resources, and also the optimisation of the work and the corporate image, as well.

The Commercial and Marketing Area, conducts market analysis and creates marketing strategies. It is in charge of the business products and services commercialization and it manages the relationships to fully satisfy the customers needs.

The Creation and Modelling Area, which has a surface of 350 square meters, with 5 modellers and 1 prototype maker, and being equipped with all the necessary machinery inside,  it is totally self-sufficient, that is able to carry out its work, with the maximum performance and production efficiency.

The Production and Quality Area which has a surface of 1,500 square meters (besides 1,000 square meters of the additional headquarter, destined to logistics), with 45 operators, carries out the entire production cycle internally and owns all the cutting-edge technical and technological means, with a production capacity of over 60,000 items/year, set up for an increase up to 80,000 items/year.

To increase the performance, a professional Photo Studio has been created. It is provided with a laying area opportunely equipped for high-level shootings; completed with the activities of editing, image-processing and other photo post-production techniques.

To date, Pomme carries out its own policy, focused on customer satisfaction (from pre- to post- industrial production), in the implementation of any item, with any type of material, being able to meet the most relevant needs, of every nature and entity.

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