Chi Siamo Pomme Manifatture

The Company

Pomme Manifatture is a manufacturer of women’s bags, men’s bags, travel items and small accessories, on behalf of third-party (but also account sales), for the major national and international brands, boasting over forty years’ experience (1979), in the sector and a workforce made up of 51 employees.

Following and making its own the culture and the deepest tradition of Made in Italy (excellence in the world), synonymous with quality, craftsmanship, style and elegance, Pomme Manifatture faithfully follows its dictates.

Our core business (the company’s objective) is customer oriented, that is the full satisfaction of our customers, in total respect of ethical and eco-sustainable principles.

For this reason, over the past years (since 2016), the company has set up a powerful development program (maximizing its know-how), with development of an “Organizational Structure” including:

  • Managerial Fundamentals (the skills that management must acquire, for the correct performance of the business activity);
  • Strategic Program (the development of an adequate plan, to start a program of growth and stabilization of the company);
  • Organizational Planning (which indicates the procedures for assigning roles, and personnel management methods);
  • Management Process (which indicates the procedures most appropriate management , based on effective governance logic).

On the basis of these elements, Pomme can provide its customers with integral support (Full Service), since it is able to manage all phases of product processing, from the creation of the stylist’s idea (through a Creation and Modeling Area high level), to mass production (with the Production and Quality Area equipped with innovative equipment, plants and machinery), with a support system (Administration and Finance Area, Human Resources and General Affairs Area, Commercial and Marketing Area), effective and efficient, up to a valid and competent “Logistic System” (with a specific Logistics Headquarters). All this, to guarantee the ability to satisfy any type of need.

A new Main Headquarter of architectural prestige has been built, with a covered area of 3,000 square meters, and an uncovered area of 8,000 square meters, technically in the forefront. An additional Logistic Headquarter, characterized by an harmonious shape and high structural and technical relevance, has a covered area of 1,300 square meters and an uncovered area of 1,000 square meters, fully equipped with suitable equipment and machinery.

It has obtained the following International Certifications: ISO 9001, concerning Total Quality Management Systems; ISO 45001, relating to the Management System for Health and Safety in the workplace; ISO 14001, concerning the Environmental Management System ; ISO 31000, referring to Business Risk Analysis and Management Systems; ISO 27001, relating to Data and Information Security Management Systems; SA 8000, concerning the Ethics and Social Responsibility Management System.

The most technologically advanced machinery, equipment and systems were acquired, establishing 5 Operational Areas, which are:

  • Administration and Finance Area;
  • Human Resources and General Affairs Area;
  • Commercial and Marketing Area;
  • Creation and Modelling Area;
  • Production and Quality Area.

To date, Pomme carries out its own policy, focused on customer satisfaction (from pre- to post- industrial production), in the implementation of any item, with any type of material, being able to meet the most relevant needs, of every nature and entity.