Administration and Finance Area

The Administration and Finance Area is led by a Director; professional of considerable ability and preparation (Degree in Business Science and Accountant), with high skills, acquired in the same role, in high profile company.
There is, also, a figure of broad value and experience, who is assigned the title of Coordinator.
In support, an individuality is provided, with suitables competences of the General Secretariat.

Pomme’s Administration and Finance Area is divided into two sectors:

  • Administration Sector, which disposes of the Warehouse Accounting Department;
  • Finance Sector, which currently has no departments.

The Administration Sector, fulfills all the tasks indicated by the relevant regulations (preparation of the Financial Statements, VAT payments, etc.), and carries out general and analytical accounting operations, controls the annual requirement objective, verifies the correct resource allocation, and performs all other inherent and consequent tasks.

The Finance Sector (which draws up the Financial Plan and coordinates the General Budget) optimizes the retrieval and use of financial resources. It therefore identifies the best balance between the sources available in the company and the purposes on which to invest, in order to achieve the perfect management, which must be efficient (cost / benefit analysis) and effective (input / output analysis).

The Administration and Finance Area has technologically advanced tools and devices, such as: Administration Software, Finance Software, Management Control Software and coordination and updating systems.