Commercial and Marketing Area

The Commercial and Marketing Area is led by a Director, whose the specific educational knowledges and skills are of primary level (Business Degree) and he has many professional experiences of great substance. Considering all of these, the Director has a profound knowledge of marketing and commercial methods, as well as of the IT and WEB activities.
The Deputy Director cooperates with the Director. He has a suitable knowledge (Business Degree) and a multi-year experience in the commercial and marketing field for the luxury manufacturing.
In support, an individuality is provided, with suitables competences of the General Secretariat.

Pomme’s Commercial and Marketing Area is divided into two sectors:

  • Commercial Sector, which includes the Show Room Department;
  • Marketing Sector, which currently has no departments.

The mission of the Commercial Sector (based on a specific Business Plan) is to acquire customers in the most appropriate markets, adopting the most effective methods, promoting “corporate excellence” through careful and relevant commercial policies.

The Marketing Sector (which draws up the Marketing Plan), carries out analysis (on market, customers, competitors and other relevant elements), as well as activities of planning, management and control of the operational actions. Moreover, it optimizes the balance between customer satisfaction and business advantage in the medium-long term (in terms of value, profit, etc.).

The Commercial and Marketing Area is provided with innovative Software Systems, a high-level Website and the acquisition of exclusive domains; furthermore, together with the Creation and Modelling Area, has a professional Photo Studio, conveniently equipped, for shooting sessions of the created items.