struttura organizzativa pomme manifatture

Company Organizational Structure


To give the company an efficient and effective management, it has been set up

To give the company an efficient and effective management, it has been set up an Organizational Structure, composed of 4 elements, indicating the systems and the methodologies within which the whole company team must proceed.
These elements are:
Tali elementi sono:
• Managerial Fundamentals (represented in an exhibition of 502 pages);
• Strategic Plan (represented in an exhibition of 238 pages);
• Organizational Planning (represented in an exhibition of 516 pages);
• Management Process (represented in an exhibition of 326 pages).


Managerial Fundamentals are about all the methodologies and systemic strategies, that  refers to the direction, management, and company administration; that is to say to the complex of the guidelines which must be adopted and to the functions which must be made, from Pomme’s Managers. In this process, a fundamental step is to help management to create and direct a dynamical and creative “team” of persons or groups, aware and responsible of their role, tied by respect and trust, capable to share decisions, responsibilities, and goals.


Pomme’s Strategic Plan is based on the process which defines the future scenarios of the company, indicating the action plan (three-year and five-year), the technical and technological means, the economical-financial, and the human-professional resources which are necessary to realize the quantifiable and measurable aims. This means a professionalization of all company elements, a effective management, the inserting highly important human resources, adopting technical and technologically advanced resources, and the use of the most innovative systems, machinery, and equipment, to operate in absolutely evolved way, so that the quality of each action is total,, creating full satisfaction in the customers.


Organizational Plan is set up on the sequence of functions, with a conduction is democratic, whit large delegation of the tasks and based on merit. The organizational chart , it has on top, the associate’s assembly, followed by the management, then the support areas, until arriving to the operative units, with a  organization  does not figure as a bond and duty system, but an instrument of facilitating work, so that to let everyone carry out the tasks (knowing what, how, how much and whento do), giving a more satisfying result for the company and for oneself.


Pomme’s Management Process indicates the most appropriate and innovative methods for a correct execution of company governance, following a defined methodology of conduction based on advanced management systems, which offer result warranties. Every company field (Management, Area, Sector, Department, Section and Process) actuate specific governance programs, according to compliant  methods and systems, aimed at maximum efficiency and effectiveness.