This type of production ( the stock exchange sector for others), is part of a limited number of companies, so we can talk about niche market production.
The costs of machinery, plant and equipment are not very revelant ( even if, by aiming for a qualitatively significant production, the costs increase considerably), but the “barriers to entry” in the sector, are due more, to human resources with relevant production capacities, not easy to find, especially if the work requires high quality.
However, the companies in the sector are poorly organized, do not implement the necessary planning, and have very little knowledge of dynamics company.

The offer is not particularly expansive, and is quite varied, and its aim is to reduce cost, sometimes to values so low, that the margins, for the subcontractors, reach almost non-existent levels.
For others, therefore, the work is not easy to find.

The stock market is expanding and is not affected by the economic situation.
Materials, even if leather has highest percentage, are different and varied.
Although leather has the highest percentage, materials are different and varied.
In this sense, Pomme has a wide capacity to operate and produce, with the maximum result, any type of material.

Problems exposed, should induce, sector company, to very shrewd strategies, based on a constant market control, with a careful search of all elements to make predictions, both for results achievement and to prevent difficulties.

Unfortunately, however, the vast majority of subcontracting companies, is not organized in this way and even less plans the management, implements and uses strategic policies; and the reason for this is that the lies in the fact that very often, these, do not know at all (or anyway underestimate), the importance, and therefore do not see the usefulness.
The basic concept is that of orders search, so all other aspects, other than this, are considered useless, wasteful and expensive. What matters is to have staff, more or less suitable, and make them work as much as possible, with greatest yield.

All this in Pomme, it won’t happen, precisely because you have all those elements and
of the instruments, to carry out a continuous monitoring of its own action and of the market of for which it has a way of constantly verifying its own action, ensuring the achievement of the objective set, which is to become a solid and capable company, with a significant position in its sector, offering customers excellence.

Aim, which was set, as an action of creation of organizational elements was carried out and human elements, which together, give way to achieve, competence, capacity and suitability, and therefore high professionalism.

Pomme logic is based on all company implementation,most advanced and innovative, to give certainty of result, and therefore full customer satisfaction, which is placed at the heart of the company strategy.