Core Business and Core Competence

Pomme’s Core Business is: Customer Oriented, and that is full customer satisfaction.
This means that for the company, the main activity, the primary interest around which the whole company strategy is linked to, is customer satisfaction.
While, Excellence, Ethics and Eco-Sustainability, are the basis on which the company philosophy is founded, the Core Business represents the attention to the distinctive element, and thus the Core Competence (distinctive competences), to maximize the competitive advantage, that is, those features, that aim at making the company competitive

The main important elements of Core Competence that Pomme has at its disposal are:

  • Headquarters and Location (prestige, comfortable, innovative and stimulating workplaces; innovative systems, equipment and machinery);
  • Corporate Identity (Vision, Mission, Core Values, Ethical Code);
  • System International Certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001,  ISO 31000, ISO 27001, SA 8000);
  • Organizational Structure (Management Principles, Strategic Program, Organizational Planning, Management Process);
  • Corporate Setting (Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer, Share Capital of € 1,000,000.00, democratic management, broad delegation, great information sharing);
  • and whatever else follows and derives from it.

All this certainly gives the company a competitive advantage, in which focus is essential.
A focus represented by the Core Business (full customer satisfaction), which becomes central element of the business strategy, to have stable and positive long-term performance.