Creation and Modelling Area

The Creation and Modelling Area, is led by a Director, with high preparation (courses, training and stages), and with twenty-years over experience, in the function of “advanced” modeling, for the most prestigious luxury brands, both in the national and international markets.

A Deputy Director support this Area. He has a broad cultural level in the fashion sector (Istituto Europeo di Design Degree), and possesses high professional skills.

In addiction, a Senior Modelist (Master Leather Goods), who has a suitable culture, and many years of experience in the specific field, working for both the italian and international most relevant luxury brands.

In support, an individuality is provided, with suitables competences of the General Secretariat.

The Creation and Modelling Area is the “heart” of the company; relevant “challenges” revolve around it. It is inspirational of innovative proposal (concerning the optimization of the realization of products), deriving from the continuous research and study of advanced methodologies and system, with the skilful use of modeling mean and processes, in a context of computerization and advanced techniques.

The area, which has a surface of ​​over 350 square meters, and a substantial number of operators (4 modellers and 1 prototype maker), machinery, equipment and systems (listed below), which allow it to be fully self-sufficient, is divided into two sectors:

  • Creation Sector, which includes the Design and Creative Department;
  • Modelling Sector, which is made up of 2 Departments: Planning, Development and Execution Department, and Prototype Department.


The Creation Sector, which consists of professional figures able to design original and exclusive products, bases its action on the close collaboration with the stylists of its customers, becoming their support, with the maximum technical value, of “image” of effectiveness and efficiency, keeping the designer’s original idea.

The Modelling Sector (which draws up the Implementation Plan) “designs” and develops solutions of form and structure, which make the product excellent in appearance and substance, simplifying the industrialization of the product (prototype), and thus facilitating its realization (with considerable impact on costs).

Pomme’s Creation and Modelling Area, as mentioned, has the self-sufficiency of the instrumental means, of which a detailed description is provided hereafter.

1 Automatic cutting machine, Talamonti

1 Flag shearing machine, Atom

1 Lea Cad cad station for Talamonti machine

1 Fleshing machine, F.lli Alberti

1 Hot glazing machine, Omac

2 Edge-dyeing machines, Omac

1 "Flat" sewing machine, Adler

1 Grinding wheel and sweeper, Volver

2 Durkopp-Adler sewing machines 869 and 669

1 Pneumatic Machine Metalmeccanica

4 Caligola CAD, Comelz, with relative stations

1 "COLUMN" sewing machine, Yuki

2 Plotter, Graphtec

1 Stamper Galli

1 Vertical drier, Omac

1 3D Printer, Zortrax

1 Heat press, Martin Group

1 Gluing machine, Intercom

5 Workstations equipped with Asus Computers

1 Photo Studio, for the shooting of the models

In addition to the above listed machinery, the Area has numerous customized software instruments, as well as various equipment and tools, to support the creation and modelling process.