Excellence, Ethics, Eco-Sustainability


Pomme’s aphorism is: “Excellence with Ethics“.

Excellence is inherent in every action of all Pomme’s members. Every corporate act requires acting with “excellence”.

Therefore, Pomme, a company of excellence, acts in full conformity with the tradition of Made in Italy (an unequalled indication of guarantee, recognized all over the world), which means mastery, craftsmanship, quality, style, elegance and originality.

And is for this reason that Pomme Manifatture has acquired the ISO 9001 Certification (Quality Management Systems), ISO 31000 (Risk Analysis and Management Systems), and ISO 27001 (Safety Management Systems for Data and Information), by means of which it can certify full compliance with the principles of total quality, and therefore of excellence.


In Pomme there is full awareness that the cutting-edge management models (available to the company), and advanced technologies, must be supported by capable, educated human resources who know how to work together with full self-awareness. The enhancement of the human factor thus becomes a substantial element of the company (for this reason the ISO 14001 certification was acquired, relating to Health and Safety at Work), and therefore ethics, in Pomme, is an essential factor.

For this reason, Pomme Manifatture has adopted a Code of Ethics and the SA 8000 Certification (Ethics and Social Responsibility), approved by the BoD, and compliant with Legislative Decree 231/01, which contains the commitments that the company, each employee and collaborator assumes, including towards third parties.

Regarding ethics, all Pomme’s employees have the following resources at their disposal:

  • a manual (Organic Compendium), which sets out: conduct lines, strategic plan, organizational framework and management model;;
  • 2 monthly meetings of “business culture”, in which are provided to all employees, knowledge, about all aspects of business;
  • opportunity to follow training or refresher courses, for which the company bears the full costs;
  • working environments of great value, of absolute simplicity and functionality, in full compliance with advanced ergonomic systems;
  • 10 toilets (Men/Women), with prestigious spaces and furnitures;
  • 2 changing rooms (1 for Men and 1 for Women), fully equipped;
  • a canteen with stanging and elements of high value;
  • a health unit equipped with all the tools for first aid (including, defibrillator, electrocardiograph, etc.);
  • annual medical checks (in addition to those prescribed), at the total cost of the company;
  • a continuous search for the evolution of welfare policies.


For Pomme, eco-sustainability is a determining factor in company policies, and therefore it is developed in its substantial aspects: environmental sustainability, economic sustainability, social sustainability.

To confirm this, the ISO 45001 certification (Environmental Management System) was acquired, and a series of measures and interventions were prepared, including:

  • solar panels for total self-sufficiency;
  • ecological island fully suited to environmental prerogatives;
  • ventilation systems, with anti-toxic and hypoallergenic filters;
  • low consumption plants, equipment and machinery;
  • automated internal devices for cleaning and hygiene with eco-sustainable requirements;
  • high level of circularity (raw material recovery, energy , etc.);
  • insertion of the “Corporate Culture”, to motivate employees to self-manage and raise awareness of waste;
  • aid for human well-being and reduction of environmental risks;
  • intense relationships with stakeholders, to create constant value;
  • constant study of advanced sustainability systems and methods.

It is not coincidence that the companies of the highest excellence in the world respect and support ethical principles and eco-sustainability criteria, and that therefore the corporate values and the personal  of the individuals who work there coincide, totally and with convinction. And in Pomme, ethics and eco-sustainability, are considered absolute values.

A company without values is a worthless company.