Eccellenza, Etica, Ecosostenibilità Pomme Manifatture

Excellence with Ethics

Pomme’s aphorism is: “Excellence with Ethics“.

Excellence is inherent in every action of all Pomme’s members. Every corporate act requires acting with “excellence”.

Therefore, Pomme, a company of excellence, acts in full conformity with the tradition of Made in Italy (an unequalled indication of guarantee, recognized all over the world), which means mastery, craftsmanship, quality, style, elegance and originality.

In Pomme there is full awareness that advanced technologies and cutting-edge management models must be supported by skilled and trained human resources who know how to work together with full self-awareness. In this way, the enhancement of the human factor becomes the value of the company, and consequently ethics becomes an essential factor in Pomme.

Regarding ethics, all Pomme’s employees have the following resources at their disposal:

  • a manual (Structural Section), with the following indications: code of conduct, mentality, organizational set-up, strategies and management aspect;
  • a “corporate culture” course, which includes 2 monthly meetings, in which all employees are given knowledge in relation to all company aspects;
  • the opportunity to follow training or refresher courses, paid by the company;
  • workplaces of great and quality, as well as absolute ease and functionality, fully compliant with the most advanced ergonomic systems;
  • 6 Toilets (3 Men’s toilets, 3 Women’s toilets) with a large area and high-quality furniture;
  • 2 Locker rooms (1 for Men, 1 for Women), fully equipped;
  • a fully equipped canteen, totally furnished with elements of high value;
  • a health center equipped with all the first aid tools (including defibrillator, electrocardiograph, etc.), and 5 qualified figures who have been trained at specialized courses;
  • annual medical checks (in addition to those prescribed), for which the company is responsible;
  • and everything else, for the protection and well-being of the corporate group.

For Pomme, ethics also means eco-sustainability, and for this reason the company has prepared:

  • solar panels for total self-sufficiency;
  • an ecological island, fully compliant with environmental prerogatives;
  • automated internal devices for cleaning and hygiene with eco-sustainable requirements;
  • internal presence of personnel with exclusive duties to maintain order and cleanliness (continuously for eight working hours);
  • exclusive rooms, used to keep sanitation and cleaning materials;
  • and all other related measures and methods.

It is not a coincidence that the most excellent companies in the world respect all the ethical codes, and the corporate and personal values of the individuals who work there, coincide. And in Pomme ethics and sustainability are considered absolute values.

A company without values is a worthless company.