La Sede Centrale Pomme Manifatture

The Main Headquarters

The Pomme Manifatture, with the renewed management, considered it essential and appropriate, to build a new headquarters, located in the industrial area of Sant’Egidio alla Vibrata (in the province of Teramo).

The reason why the new members of Pomme renovated the headquarters, building a high level structure (a covered area of 3,000 square meters and an uncovered area of 8,000 square meters), lies in the possibility to have a surface more than doubled compared to the previous one (which was maintained, turning it to “Logistic”), and substantial elements (image, ethics, eco-sustainability) in line with the objectives set.

Consequently, a prominent image of the building (a consistent and fully self-sufficient “modelling department”, a “production” that enjoys wide spaces and advanced technologies), innovative services, ethical features and cutting-edge eco-sustainability, offer relevant and positive guarantees to customers.

It is a hybrid and multifaceted company, which integrates different forms of expression; and the form follows the meaning.

In the company habitat, our guests can enjoy comfort in locations such as living rooms and dedicated sites, between culture (books, paintings, design furniture, antiques), and nature (hanging gardens, large green spaces, trees and different varieties of plants and flowers). In it there are situations that go beyond common aesthetic values, operating on a deeper cognitive level, where they can find the right socio-psychological mood.

Of course, the image is a complement, in fact this is (and must be), supported by high professionalism, total quality and therefore the excellence of the action (of every corporate action carried out in Pomme).

These are the factors that give content to a prominent image, creating a distinctive element for Pomme, which becomes a competitive advantage for the customer.