Area Creazione e Modelleria - Pomme Manifatture

Our History

Pomme Manifatture was founded over 40 years ago (1979), in Villa Lempa, a hamlet of Civitella del Tronto (Teramo), by Rosetta Firmani and Ugo Pomponi, who set up their own company for manufacturing women’s and men’s bags, suitcases, big bags, trolleys and small leather goods on behalf of third parties, according to the most rigorous and skillful tradition of “Made in Italy”.

In 1989, the company, a collective partnership, following a strong increase in work and a consequent increase in personnel, built a structure with a covered area of 1,300 square meters and an uncovered area of 1,000 square meters (still used today as logistics), which guaranteed the proper spaces for the required productions.

The expertise, combined with undoubted ability, has led the company to carry out productions for the most prestigious high fashion brands, both at a national and international level, in a short time.

Samsonite, Mandarina Duck, Tod’s, Burberry, Emilio Pucci, Hogan, Diesel, Kenzo, Gucci, Fendi, Tod’s, Ferrari, Burberry, Ferretti Yachts, Baleciaga, Stella McCartney, Paco Rabanne; are some of the many brands that have entrusted (and continue to entrust) their productions to Pomme over the years, always with excellent results. Therefore, the company has achieved a very high level of know-how, so the excellence, as well as a reputation for exceptional seriousness and fairness.

Mrs. Firmani’s two sons, Amedeo and Antonio D’Ottavi, were part of the company almost from its very beginnings (they were hired at a very young age, after the High school diploma). Over the years, through studies and the support of professionals, they have both acquired high-level skills, one of them leading the Modelling activities, the other one leading the Production process. The daughter (Maria Pia), on the other hand, was hired after obtaining a degree (in Political Science with a specialization in economics) and 2 master’s degrees in business management. She has been covering different tasks and acquiring a solid preparation for business management.

In 2016, the historical shareholders Ugo Pomponi and Rosetta Firmani left the company definitively, in favor of the D’Ottavi brothers (Maria Pia, Amedeo and Antonio), who in turn became owners and therefore shareholders.