Human Resources and General Affairs Area

The Human Resources and General Affairs Area is led by a Director (Degree in Political Science, socioeconomic specialicing), with adequate cultural preparation and twenty years’ experience, achieved with management roles in two multinational companies.

In support of this, a high-professional figure is envisaged, as Area Manager (Degree in Economics and Law for Business Management).

In support, an individuality is provided, with suitables competences of the General Secretariat.

Pomme’s Human Resources and General Affairs Area is divided into two sectors:

  • Human Resources Sector made up of 2 Departments: Security Department and First Aid Department;
  • General Affairs Sector made up of 2 Departments: General Secretariat Department, and Environmental and Auxiliary Order Department.

The Human Resources Sector, which draws up the Cognitive Plan, has a constant control of the needs of all those people who work for the company, noting whether the action of the wholeness of the employees is profitable and satisfying for them and for the company itself.

The main tasks of the General Affairs Sector are the following: handling of all legal tasks, protection of health and safety in the workplace, relations with insurance companies, adoption of the best Risk Management methodologies, relations with maintenance personnel and external technicians, and everything else which is inherent and consequent.

The Human Resources and General Affairs Area has technologically advanced tools and devices, being provided with a Personnel and Salary Management Software, a General Management Software, and coordination and updating systems.