Made in Italy in Pomme

For Pomme, the expression Made in Italy, besides as well as being synonymous with elegance, originality, creativity, with a style that lasts over time, embodies the concept of quality (ISO 9001), ethics (SA 8000 and Ethical Code) and eco-sustainability (ISO 14001), but mainly of excellence (vision, mission, organizational, managerial and strategic program), distinguishing itself for its manual skills and craftsmanship, with the research and care, with extreme passion, of the smallest details, and therefore of unique creations, which adapt perfectly to customer needs.

The Made in Italy carried out in Pomme, creates an opening where creativity and tradition melt, crating products of great value, on the basis of prestige that “Made in Italy” collects all over the world, to which some distinctive characteristics are recognized, which Pomme collects, and to which it refers, that are:

  • high quality level of production and materials;
  • style;
  • elegance;
  • innovation;
  • attention to details;
  • creativity, fantasy, and inspiration;
  • problem solving ability;
  • professionalism;
  • tradition and expert craftmanship.

The combination of all these characteristics is indicated precisely with the expression Made in Italy, that is, a real brand, recognized, appreciated and loved all over the world, which represents creativity, quality and the Italian lifestyle.
And Made in Italy, also means enhancing the human factor, which plays an important role in the fashion sector, where manual skills and craftsmanship are fundamental elements. And in Pomme, this element is a fundamental principle of its philosophy, as well as the bond with the customer, with whom the aim is to share values (ethics), among which environmental sustainability stands out, to guarantee and protect future generations.