Mission Pomme Manifatture


The corporate mission, like the vision, is a source of inspiration; but unlike the vision, it has a strong operational connotation. In fact, it directs all employees (of any rank),  in their daily work.

So focusing on the mission every day, allows us to set the path to follow, in order to achieve the objectives of the vision.

Pomme’s corporate mission, is:

“Action aims at excellence, through the highest professionalism and total quality”.

This means that every corporate act must be carried out based on excellence.

And on the basis of this assumption, the mission indicates how the action reaches excellence, that is, through the highest professionalism and total quality, meaning that every individual belonging to Pomme, following the professionals criteria, act with the highest quality, carring out every act with excellence.

In Pomme, the two concepts that lead to excellence, i.e. professionalism and quality, are – and will always be – very clear, thus turning into the way of thinking and acting of every individuality inside and outside.