The mission has the duty to transform the abstract concepts, proposed by the vision, in something concrete: thus, the mission represents the path to follow to realize the vision.
Clearly, to let these two elements (vision and mission) give effective results, they must always proceed on the same pace.
Beyond this, we must underline that the mission (in relation to the vison), shows with more evidence, the ways to obtain the established goals, focusing more on the present and giving an operative plan, containing the actions to solve day by day.
On the basis of all this, Pomme’s Mission is:

Action aims at excellence, through the highest professionalism and total quality”.

It appears clear that Pomme’s Mission is based on a fundamental concept of the nature of work, that is: excellence.
By work of excellence, therefore, we mean the scientific application of advanced systems and methods, to achieve important results; that is, excellent.
A work realized in an excellent way, assumes that who makes it, should have the highest knowledges, great capacity of execution and work organization: therefore professionalism.

And also, that he has the “culture of quality”.
That is, he acts with the consciousness, the duty to accomplish any working phase with the most effectiveness and efficiency.
Thus, nothing, and never must be “adapted”, “mended”, “arranged”, but every action must suppose the total quality (excellence) of every single act and therefore of the final result.