In order to seek and maintain a leading position in market, and to achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty, the company is constantly committed to create specific conditions, which are:

  • development of techniques designed and made up to fully satisfy customer needs, and to anticipate expectations, providing solutions that create value for the customer;
  • speed-up production with the most innovative and reliable technical and technological tools adoptation, making the organization more efficient, using all potential necessary to achieve the aim;
  • a quality system development and maintenance , as a tool to achieve aims, respecting commitments made, promoting business processes improvement, and ensuring compliance with product requirements;
  • each activity focusing on customer needs, to satisfy him better and faster, listening to his directions and suggestions;
  • products that comply with all requirements “imposed” by laws in force, guaranteeing safety and health of both internal operators and users;
  • products and services that meet high quality requirements, demonstrating transparency and reliability, ensuring product quality at competitive prices, through careful analysis, and cost containment;
  • a profitable “alliance” with suppliers, in order to be an active part in the performance definition and product characteristics, providing the necessary support for customer requirements;
  • appropriate culture and methodologies in the organization, so that whoever works there is constantly able to provide the best service to customer;
  • insurance of all employees satisfaction, through the search for maximum loyalty and sense of responsibility;
  • employees and management facilitation, to realize their own attitudes, interests and predispositions, and to develop their own technical and organizational skills, encouraging professional growth,initiative spirit, ensuring fruitful and peaceful relationships;
  • warranty of a safe and involving working environment: “attractive”, interesting, unique, atypical and original, in which everyone can be satisfied;
  • the guarantee that all company members will have the possibility of professional “growth” through training and/or refresher courses;
  • development of an organised network for information circulation at all levels, generating strategies and objectives knowledge;
  • consolidate the “group” logic;
  • the development, ensuring adequate profitability and financial stability, elements which are essential for the company succes;
  • create the corporate mentality.