Production and Quality Area

The Production and Quality Area is led by a Director, with a broad cultural background and over twenty years’ experience, in the qualified management ot the entire production process, for the most important and affirmed brands.
A Deputy Director cooperates, possessing excellent qualifications, both in the correct execution of the production process, and in the advanced management engineering methods, for the scientific planning of production..
A Deputy Director is associated, with suitability in the fashion sector (IED Degree), with significant skills in relations with customers and suppliers, and in specialized techniques relating to the management of the production program.
In support, an individuality is provided, with suitables competences of the General Secretariat.

The area has a surface of 1,500 square meters. (besides 1,000 square meters of the site destined to logistics), 40 operators (highly specialized), machinery, equipment and plants (listed below), all technologically advanced (mostly new and the remaining reconditioned), carrying out the entire production process internally, with a production capacity of over 60,000 items / year.

In the Production and Quality Area, the research and study of innovative technologies and systems is constant. This brings to the use of the “Industry 4.0” process (industrial automation to improve working conditions, increase productivity and increase quality), the “wTrendy Plus” system (an innovative ERP management system, aimed at fashion), and the “Lean Thinking” methodology (management style applied to the internal and external organization, to eliminate waste and lead processes to excellence), and other optimization Application Systems.

Pomme’s Production and Quality Area is divided into two sectors:

  • Production Sector, made up of 3 Departments:
    • Logistics Department, in which 4 Sections operate;
    • Cutting Department, in which 2 Sections and 2 Processes operate;
    • Manufacturing Department, in which 4 Sections and 9 Processes operate.
  • Quality Sector, made up of 2 Departments:
    • Quality Analysis Department, in which 3 Sections operate;
    • External Performance Department, in which 2 Sections operate.

During the meeting with the Modelling Area (Industrialization Committee) the Production Sector receives the “indications” to carry out a correct production and after that elaborates the Production Plan, through which the mass production is scientifically planned, based on the principle of absolute customer satisfaction, and therefore of excellence.

In the Quality Sector, the method used is a Quality Control by each operator of every work phase that is carried out. In this way, the product reache the “Final Quality Control”, checked multiple times, makinig the presence of defects and imperfections, “very difficult”.  All this, is part of a mentality that prevails in the Production Sector (and throughout th Pomme), which is that of conceiving total quality, as the sole purpose of each process performed (also based on the ISO Certifications acquired).

Production Area acts on the basis of an appropriate Production Plan (by which rationalizes and optimizes the whole process), uses logics of the Industry 4.0, and of the Lean Thinking, setting up the management on the basis of the wTrendy Plus (an innovative ERP management software aimed at fashion), by means of that it coordinates all the most advanced functions for the correct execution of planning.

The Production and Quality Area has state-of-the-art machinery (most of which new, and the remaining fully reconditioned), of which an extensive and detailed describtion is given below.

  • 1 Backlit screen machine for material control, Rexel
  • 1 Detaching device, Camoga
  • 1 Automatic gluer with drying oven, Intercom Step
  • 1 Levelling machine – Lacquering machine, Secom
  • 1 Levelling machine – Lacquering machine, Fratelli Alberti
  • 2 Double suction grinder
  • 1 Edge dyeing machine, Omac
  • 1 Deck dryer, Omac E60
  • 1 Stamping machine Galli, Poly Tecno LX
  • 1 High column sewing machine, Durkopp-Adler
  • 3 Arm sewing machines, Durkopp-Adler: 869, 669 and 869-Mpremium
  • 1 Column sewing machine, Juki 867 eco
  • 1 Mechanical small press, Metal Meccanica
  • 1 Piping machine, Omac
  • 1 Shearing machine “bridge type”
  • 3 Fleshing machines: FAV A.V. 2
  • 2 Gluing machines Intercom: 1 big-sized and 1 small-sized
  • 3 Shearing machines “flag-type”
  • 2 Edge-dyeing machines, Omac
  • 2 Edge-dyeing machines, Galli policolor
  • 1  Edge-dyeing machines, PL Project
  • 1 Deck dryer space open, Saturn
  • 2 Electronic field machines, Yuki: one small-sized, one medium-sized
  • 1 Arm sewing machine Durkopp Adler, 269
  • 3 Flat sewing machines, Durkopp-Adler, 267
  • 1 High column sewing machine, Pema
  • 3 Gluing machine, Angeleri, Itc 601
  • 1 Strip cutting machine, Omac
  • 1 Stitch flattening machine
  • 2 Cutting machines, Comelz: 1 double headed and 1 single headed
  • 1 Fleshing machine, Comelz
  • 1 Spray gluing machine
  • 2 Spray gluing bench, Itercom: 1 big siza, 1 small size
  • 1 Polisher machine, Omac
  • 1 Hot air machine, TB234
  • 1 Benches exhauster, Volber
  • 2 Pneumatic Machines – Stamping Machines
  • 1 Arm sewing machine Durkopp Adler, 369
  • 1 High-bed sewing machine, Durkopp-Adler
  • 1 Sewing machine, Durkopp-Adler, 669
  • 1 Sewing machine, Durkopp-Adler, 267-373
  • 3 Table gluing machines, Angeleri
  • 2 Stamping machines, Gelmini
  • 1 Trimming machine, Omac
  • 5 Pneumatic machines for various tools

In addition to the above listed machinery, the Area has numerous other advanced equipment, instruments and various tools to support the production and quality process.