Strategic program

Pomme Strategic Program is the process through which management tries to define company future scenarios, and understand what action plan is, technical and technological means, economic-financial means, and human-professional means, necessary, to achieve established goals.
Strategic Program aims to create value for the company, based on customer satisfaction, in order to position itself in the top segment of its sector.

This means professionalization of all company elements, with implementation of highly specialized procedures and techniques, which enables them to operate at highest levels.
In this way, quality will tend to be absolute, creating full satisfaction in customers, and consequently, enhancement company prestige.

This will be followed by the adoption of technical and technological development guidelines, with access to systems, and machinery, equipment and plants procurement, at the cutting edge of innovation, to operate in an advanced way.
This is another factor that guarantees Pomme the ability to satisfy customers’ rigorous needs , in less time and with greater quality.

At Pomme, we don’t look for “distinction” at all costs, with “presumptuous” or proud attitudes, but on the contrary, by with maximum sacrifice and will to grow; in Pomme no won can ever “believe they have arrived”, because we are all aware that “there is always something to learn from everything and everyone”.

With this, we want to convey a clear message, namely that Pomme has its own characteristic and personality, and that it is always looking for new ways, new possibilities and new opportunities: because research, development and innovation are distinctive element that (with great modesty and equal decision) is to be found in every company component.

Programma strategico
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