Plus System

Pomme, based on a rigorous development program, aims to become an important company in fashion accessories production for others, placing itself among those of greatest competence, professionalism and prestige.
This aim is not immodesty or even pride, but is given by the awareness, that the company has high professional skills, looking for continuous improvement and development, it will be considered reliable and prestigious.
In this way, the aim is to reach the sector “ top “.

Starting from these assumptions, Pomme, wanted to set up a System, called System Plus, which gives a distinctive character to the company and its members.
In other words, the company is considered a system, namely, a complex of material and immaterial elements (subsystems) linked together by mutual dependence relationships, which form a “whole”, organized (Plus System), which aims to achieve a common goal, that is, to be a solid and able company, which places the customer at the center of its strategy.

The Plus System, therefore, consists of setting up a system that gathers all methods, actions and concepts that will be adopted to configure Pomme personality.
Actually, it has been understood that a company has to have a methodological, organizational, strategic and managerial applications abilities, that give the possibility to acquire highly professional competences, in technical aspects, in technological development, in market analysis and in deep knowledge and development of the economic-financial fields, as well as of others, equally relevant, because otherwise it would be “behind”. In contrast, it needs to have a corporate culture, that leads to have its own distinct “personality”, that is the corporate mentality engagement, well identifiable that distinguishes those who work in the company.

Pomme, therefore, aware of these needs, is structured around a distinct personality, which brings all company members, to have their own mentality, creating: Pomme Style, aimed at the customer.
Subsystems, that make up Plus System, are made up of specific structures, through which Pomme carries out its activity, in a coordinated way, in order to achieve set goals ( mentality, which leads to Pomme Style).
These structures (subsystems) are: