The Full-Service

The Full-Service, is a distinctive element of the Pomme Manifatture, of which the aphorism is: “the customer proposes the idea and the rest thinks Pomme”.
Pomme, in fact, is able to offer the customer, a type of total support, having the full ability to complete the entire production cycle. A cycle that starts from the idea (of the customer), passing through a production of excellence (which, if necessary, can also include the account sale), reaching the delivery of the finished product, and (with a specific service), also to the final user.

Before giving a specification of the “Full-Service”, a premise is needed, to illustrate what are the direct benefits, which involves the use of such support.

Providing a complete service, relieves the customer from the management of “details”, which involve time-consuming, but even more cost. In fact a single service performed in a synchronised way, is undoubtedly much less onerous than many phases, performed by different subjects; both regarding the times (with the elimination of the waiting times, and their optimization), that of the costs (which, carrying out a single subject, the different functions, inevitably are reduced).
For this reason, Pomme has conceived the “Full-Service”, aimed to optimizing the performance of the client company which, delegating in full, a whole series of operations, guarantees the implementation of strategies, aimed at the development of its brand. In fact, with the “Full-Service”, the customer can devote himself to the increase and growth (reserving only the “ideation” of the product, and any specific controls), leaving to reliable professionals and experts, the entire phase of development, realization and delivery, of the product.

The “Full-Service” cycle, is ordered in 7 steps, indicated below.

– The 1st step, takes place with an initial cognitive meeting, by the Commercial and Marketing Area, which operates a welcoming action (public relation and communication), of the customer, with whom it verifies the feasibility of a possible collaboration.

– The 2nd step, consists in meeting the customer with the Creation and Modeling Area (always with the support of the Commercial and Marketing Area), for the feasibility of the prototype, and therefore of the sample.

– The 3rd step, takes place on the basis of the indications that the Administration and Finance Area, communicates to the Commercial and Marketing Area, in relation to the price of the sample, and to the price of mass production (also including, if required, the sale account); and after acceptance and understanding  of the terms (by means of a formal agreemente), the collaboration begins, with the creation of the sample.

–  The 4th step, concerns the Creation and Modeling Area, which, after the various meetings (in which the Production and Quality Area is often present), creates the prototype, and therefore the definitive sample, on the basis of conpliance of the agreements taken, in relation to the timing and excellence of realization.

– The 5th step, concerns the approval, and therefore the acceptance, of the “Final Sample”, followed by the mass production, by the Production and Quality Area, with guarantee of compliance with the times (production and delivery), and of the highest manufacturing quality.

– The 6th step, is inherent to the shipment; in fact, at the and of the production phase (after an accurate quality control and the packaging), the products can be shipped to the customer.

– The 7th step, is an alternative to the 6th step. This is because, the customer, upon completion of the production phase, can request the Logistics Service, taking advantage of two alternatives:
• the storage service;
• the storage service, with dispatch of the goods to the various final customers.
Using the Logistics Service, at the end of production, the articles are stored with the use of advanced warehouse management systems, and if required, sent to the “final consumer”, using the drop shipping service.

The achievement of the 6th step, and even more of the 7th step, is the completion of the “Full-Service”. In fact, the customer, free from any task, confer the assignment to Pomme, which (by activating its organizational structure), completes the entire production cycle, having the ability (when required), to lead the finished product, directly in the circuit of sale.

Hence the aphorism: “the customer proposes the idea, and Pomme does the rest“.