The Second Headquarters

Pomme Manifatture, since it was managed by the two previous partners, carried out its business activity in an owned property, built in 1992, and located in the industrial area of Civitella Del Tronto (in the province of Teramo)

The new management, has maintained this location, which is now leased.

In this way, it was intended to hold a real possibility, in case of demand for more production. In fact, in case of order development, additional production space could be available, in a building already prepared for use.

The Secondary Headquarters building (internally and externally in perfect condition), consists of 1,300 square meters covered, and 1,000 uncovered, arranged on three levels of 435 square meters each. A basement, with numerous shelving and workbenches; a ground floor, with several workstations; and a second floor, with offices, canteen and infirmary, connected by a freight elevator..

It was built, with high-value criteria, and earthquake-resistant methods, as well as with the utmost attention to detail: large and obstacle-free work areas, arrangements for plant, equipment, machinery, and everything inherent, for the proper conduct of industrial activity. Also having, large windows, green spaces, equipped with plants and trees, as well as an ecological island, in which are arranged the various containers for separate waste collection.

From the outside, it is possible to access through two automatic gates, one for even large volume vehicles, located at the back, equipped for loading and unloading; and another, reserved for offices.

Throughout the building there is an alarm system connected to a 24/24 intervention center.

As can be seen, the building fully meets the implementation function, having all the requirements to carry out the entire production process, with ability to fully meet, the needs of the customer.