The Logistics Headquarters

Pomme Manifatture, since it was managed by the two previous partners, carried out its business activity in an owned property, built in 1992, and located in the industrial area of Civitella Del Tronto (in the province of Teramo)

The new management, has maintained this location, assigning it to “Logistics Headquarters”.

This way, an even wider service can be offered to the customer.
In fact, the presence of the Logistics, allow to take advantage of the parking, up to the sorting (to the various recipients), of the finished products.

The customer who need it, can choose between two different kind of logistic services:
– the service of storage;
– the service of storage, with dispatch of the goods to the various final customers.

Using this service, the customer can avoid storage, with an extreme cost savings. Consequently, at the end of the production, its articles are stored with the use of advanced systems of warehouse management and (when demanded), sent to the “final” user, by the service of drop shipping.

The logistics service offered, fits into the Pomme criterion, of complete customer satisfaction (customer oriented), by entering into that process, called “Full Service” (“the customer proposes the idea, and the rest provides Pomme”), described below (see “Full Service”)

The Logistics Headquarter, consists of 1,300 square meters of covered area and 1,000 square meters of uncovered area, arranged on three levels of 435 square meters each.

It was built with a reinforced concrete structure, using criteria of the high value and anti-seismic methods, as well as with the utmost attention to detail: large and unobstructed work areas, predispositions for the installation of facilities, equipment, machinery, and everything inherent and consequent, for a proper conduct of an industrial activity.

From the aesthetic point of view, it is a particularly harmonious and pleasant structure. In fact, it has large windows, balconies and flower boxes, as well as green spaces equipped with plants and trees, and at the same time is functional, for the purpose of logistics.

Due to a regular ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, both its interior and exterior are in excellent conditions.

Inside, as mentioned, it is arranged on three levels (a basement, with numerous rows of shelving and worktops; a ground floor, with several workstations; a first floor, with offices, canteen and infirmary), connected to each other by a freight elevator.

The building is guarded by an alarm system connected to law enforcement agencies 24 hours a day

Two automatic gates mark the entrances from the outside.
One, for large vehicles, positioned at the rear side of the building is equipped with loading and unloading facility, and the other one reserved to the offices is situated at the front .
Outside there is also an ecological island, with a covered area, where there are various containers for separate collection, and various green spaces equipped.

As evidenced, the property fully meets the function of “Logistics”, having all the requirements to carry out the entire planning process, efficient and effective, of the flow and storage of finished products, and therefore, of the releted information from the point of origin to the point of arrival (indicated), with the aim of fully meeting the needs of customers.