The vision indicates a projection of company’s future (the dream of what you it want to reach).
And even if it can look like an abstract concept, it is thanks to the “vision” of many businessmen that today we have innovation, technology, and always more advanced products.
The “dream”, the vision, of Bill Gates (Microsoft), is: “A personal computer on every desk, and every computer with Microsoft software installed”; that of Henry Ford (founder of the car company), is: “horses must disappear from our streets”, that of Walt Disney is: “to make people happy”, that of Wal Mart (shopping center), is: “Give ordinary people the opportunity to buy the same things as the rich.
Judging the obtained results, they all have reached brilliantly their dream, and this vision continues in bringing them success!

Pomme’s vision, comes from the aspiration to contest the traditional premise of third parties, that is the execution of product following indications from customer, without having any power to participate at realization.
From these assumptions, Pomme’s vision is:

Active and not passive, offering the value that exceeds the price”.

The first part of the vision “active and not passive” (with the customer), starts from the assumption that the “third party” contract work is carried out according to the customer’s “dictates”, without any “assistance” by the contractor.
On the contrary, Pomme can support customers, giving them the adequate “support” in optimizing the manufacturing and realization of the product, thanks to a highly competent and professional modelling department and a production department boasting high-level know-how, technical innovations, and advanced technologies.

The second part of the vision is: “… offering the value that exceeds the price”. And this means that the (absolutely reasonable) cost of Pomme’s productions, having a guarantee of absolute prestige, due to professionalism, constant innovation (both technical and technological), and total quality, will never be equal to the high value of the result obtained.

All this means extreme competitive advantage for customers.