Pomme is an Ltd, whose Shareholders’ meeting (Maria Pia D’Ottavi, Amedeo D’Ottavi, Antonio D’Ottavi), delegated the governance of the Company to a Board of Directors, as follows:

  • Amedeo D’Ottavi, Chairman;
  • Maria Pia D’Ottavi, Chief Executive Officer;
  • Antonio D’Ottavi, Director;
  • Maurizio Corini (Business Consultant), Supervisory board; single member.

Pomme has a suitable Organizational Planning (extensive delegation, circulation of information, shared decisions, democratic leadership), which interacts with the Management Process, to achieve the objectives set in the Strategic Program.

The workforce is made up of 61 employees, with forecasts of an increase, as the strategy is aimed at the entry of new and qualified customers.

The top management is made up of the CEO (with cultural preparation for economic studies, and valid managerial suitability), and, as a supporting figure, the Deputy Manager (a professional with significant senior management experience, at a national and international level).

There is a professional management, made up of Directors and Deputy Directors (and Officials), with leadership and problem-solving skills.

All Pomme operators (managers, employees and workers) have high-level skills, guaranteeing excellent results, also with the support of courses, seminars, conferences, congresses, and other training tools.

Pomme is therefore based on a well cohesive, experienced, prepared and fully competent group.

Everyone knows: “where the company goes, what objectives can be reached, and what methods and actions must be carried out to reach them.

The action in Pomme is implemented through the 5 following Areas: