La Societa Pomme Manifatture

The Company

Pomme (as indicated in the Historical Description), was founded in 1979 from the idea of two shareholders (Rosetta Firmani and Ugo Pomponi), to conduct the business in manufacturing women’s and men’s bags, suitcases, big bags, trolleys and small leather goods on behalf of third parties, firstly as a simple cooperation and then as a General Partnership.

In the 2016 there has been a generational change, in which the two historical shareholders left the leadership of the company to the Rosetta Firmani’s children (who were already working in the firm): Amedeo D’Ottavi in the company for 26 years (of which 15 as Head of Modelling Area), Antonio D’Ottavi in the company for 31 years (of which 16 as Head of Production Process), and Maria Pia D’Ottavi, for 10 years, in administrative and management positions.

The new management reorganized the company with a new structure, for which, with management logics inspired to the ethics and eco-sustainability, based on the central role of the human being and the customer full satisfaction, it is oriented to a management aimed at the evolution and adaptation to the most advanced business models, in terms of flexibility and dynamism.

Firstly, the legal status of the Pomme Manifatture has been changed from a General Partnership to a Limited Liability Company.

To this, to give to the company more solidity and reliability towards the Stakeholders, it is followed the decision of the Shareholders Meeting (composed by the three associates, Maria Pia D’Ottavi, Antonio D’Ottavi e Amedeo D’Ottavi), to establish and consequently to entrust the governance of the Company to a Board of Directors, as follows:

  • Amedeo D’Ottavi, Chairman;
  • Maria Pia D’Ottavi, Chief Executive Officer;
  • Antonio D’Ottavi, Director;
  • Maurizio Corini (Business Consultant), Supervisory board, single member.

Always following the solidity and reliability principles, towards all the Stakeholders, it has been constituted a Share Capital, € 1,000,000.00 (fully paid up), intended to increase.

So, thanks to the support of professionals, it has been introduced outstanding management projects, with the creation of an Organizational Planning (aiming to guarantee a balanced conduction of the different working functions, creating a good mix among the different roles), a Strategic Plan (to develop an appropriate action plan, to start a growth and stabilisation programme of the company), and a Management Process (which indicates the procedures, to apply the most appropriate governance practices, on the basis of effective management logics).

Followed the building of outstanding facilities, with the construction of high level Headquarters, characterized by a really high technical and structural relevance (an “operational” headquarter with a covered area of 3,000 square meters and an 8,000 square meters uncovered area, in addition to an already existing other one, with 1,300 square meters covered area and 1,000 square meters of uncovered area, destined to the “logistic” use), the acquisition of machinery and equipement technologically in the forefront, everything supported by advanced softwares and techniques (Industry 4.0, Lean Thinking, and specific management softwares), and the acquisition of the management quality systems, through the International Certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001.

Upon completion, have been found appropriate human resources, of a high level job profile (both managerial and labouring).

In Pomme, the leadership is democratic, with a wide mandate, an extended information flow and shared decisions.

Suitable and highly skilled human resources have been found (both managerial and operational), the workforce is made up of 61 employees, with forecasts of an increase, as the strategy is aimed at the entry of new and qualified customers.

The top management is made up of the CEO (with cultural preparation for economic studies, and valid managerial suitability), and, as a supporting figures, the Consultants with significant senior management experience.

There is a professional management, made up of Directors and Deputy Directors (and Officials), with leadership and problem-solving skills.

The action in Pomme is implemented through the 5 following Areas (each Area is led by a Director , who sometimes is supported by a Deputy Director), which are:

All Pomme operators (managers, employees and workers) have high-level skills, guaranteeing excellent results, also with the support of courses, seminars, conferences, congresses, and other training tools.

Pomme is therefore based on a well cohesive, experienced, prepared and fully competent group.

Everyone knows: “where” the company goes, what objectives can be reached, and what methods and actions must be carried out to reach them.

Maria pia D'Ottavi Amministratore Delegato Pomme
Sala Riunioni Pomme Manifatture S.r.l